Feb 28, 2010

If it is taken, what is left?

It's getting worse.

"Is it that bad?" she asked the old guy in front of her. The doctor tried so hard to say it gently, not to hurt her. She never thought it can be that serious. The room was quite for few seconds.

She trembles at the very thought of what had happened in the morning. She calls her family that night. Thought of sharing the news with the nearest people to her, ayah and ibu. Just to ease the restless heart. But everybody sounds very happy about something that night. Decided not to do so, she chooses to keep it within herself.

She knows some kind of motivation is something that she really needs at that moment. So, she browses through the internet. Looking for article or any reading material to be inspired with and to boost up the courage in her. From minutes to hours, she takes almost the whole night to sooth her heart. Luckily, out of many pages she had browsed through, she finally finds the perfect words to feed her sorrow heart.
"Dan jika kamu menghitung-hitung nikmat Allah, niscaya kamu tidak dapat menentukan jumlahnya. Sesungguhnya Allah benar-benar Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang."  (An-Nahl: 18).
Tears running down from her eyes. Regretting herself for being very weak in facing the test that Allah has chosen for her.

 "He might had taken away that one particular grace that He had lent me all this while.. But there are so many being left and given without having me asking from Him...Subhanallah..." the small voice in her speaks.

Now, she realizes that every sadness and pain is a test from Allah. Not to punish but to make our spirit strong in meeting tomorrows. She wipes the tears on her face and put on a tender smile. Praying for a better days ahead.

.......................the end.......................

For you and me;

His test is not an option for us to choose. It is in His hand.

If one of us happen to be chosen sooner or later, learn to be grateful. Why? Because Allah has chosen us out of millions of people in this world. We have His attention. Isn't that great? 

Let's try to accept His test with sincerity and face it with patient.

"Maka bersabarlah kamu dengan kesabaran yang baik." (Al-Ma'arij: 5)
I'm trying too... May Allah's guidance will always be with you and me.. InsyaAllah ;)

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