Jun 27, 2010

Reaching the Heart


Week four of internship period is approaching very soon and there it goes, almost a month of working life. Time simply flew without us realizing it, isn't it? Put aside all regrets, learn, look forward, plan and get things done. That's how life works.  

Reaching the Heart? I believe there must be a question mark in your mind.

Well, given 8 months without studies burden had made me to come out with many goals to be achieved. Choosing not to share all on the list, I only share this particular one which I hope you'll be benefited in anyway. InsyaAllah.

Reaching the Heart of Family and Friends.

Being faraway from kl and busy with various activities back then in the campus just make me realize that I had missed so many things and really need to catch up.

Praying hard each and everyday. Trying to be the best daughter, sister as well as friend indeed and in need.
Allah, please..

Jun 12, 2010

Demonstration, why?

Assalamualaikum :)

It has been a while since the last post. Well, the silent was due to final exam and followed by first week of internship. New things, interesting, tiring - a mixture of feeling. I'll tell you in a different post, InsyaAllah.

Having to leave UTP for 8 months of internship period doesn't put a full stop to write on what's happening back there. Today, MPPUTP organized a peace rally or a demonstration against the Israeli attack on Gaza Mission near the mosque area after Friday Prayer. Even though most of the campus community is currently enjoying the semester break, the rally still proceed. Good Job and keep up the good work MPP.

It was the Israeli deadly attack on the Freedom Flotilla on 31st May that brought up the anger in every individuals across the globe. The flotilla was carrying 10 000 tonnes of aids meant for Gaza and 700 volunteers on board. It was a humanitarian mission but it was attacked by the Israeli forces as if it was a military mission carrying armies and weapons to break into Gaza. In the attack which took place in the international waters 65km from the Gaza coast, 19 people were dead and many experienced injuries.

Many parties voiced up and condemned on the attack made by the Israeli forces. Demonstration is one of the way to voice up. Some might ask, do the Israeli armies hear the shouts? do any of the army come to the demo? and some might end up saying, there's no point of demonstration, it is a waste of time and worst, stop thinking on Gaza issue.

In any demonstration made, it was very clear that it can't stop the Israeli forces from bombing the Palestinians or shooting them on the head right away. Why demo then? You'll be asking.

Demonstrations or condemnation statements are meant to create awareness, to spread the information, to show protest and dislike and to show the Israeli forces that the world is now against them. Just a simple question for you to ponder, before the freedom flotilla was attack, do Gaza issue gain this much of attention from the whole world? I believe you have the answer.

11th June 2010: UTP mosque
(Tuan Hj. Mat Nor Rosli- Director of SSSD and Mustapa Mansor- activist on Marvi Marmara) more

When the flotilla decided to go and break the siege, many people worldwide doubt on the success of the mission. This didn't stop them from reaching their target to bring help for Gaza. Unfortunately, they didn't manage to break the siege due to the pirate-like attack by the Israeli forces. But the attack did bring hikmah in      another way round. It managed to gain the attention of the whole world and proves the world that Israel is the greatest criminal of the planet earth.

Same goes to the demonstrations or condemnations made by many parties, it may not stop the Israel-Palestine war immediately but it will somehow bring an impact on this issue. Sooner or later. Hope that it will make people more aware of what's happening in Gaza and act fast. (boycott, donate, pray and etc.) Remember, don't bother on the result, the effort that is always counts.

Let's pray and hope that our little effort will at least lighten up a small chance to break the Gaza's Siege.