Jun 27, 2010

Reaching the Heart


Week four of internship period is approaching very soon and there it goes, almost a month of working life. Time simply flew without us realizing it, isn't it? Put aside all regrets, learn, look forward, plan and get things done. That's how life works.  

Reaching the Heart? I believe there must be a question mark in your mind.

Well, given 8 months without studies burden had made me to come out with many goals to be achieved. Choosing not to share all on the list, I only share this particular one which I hope you'll be benefited in anyway. InsyaAllah.

Reaching the Heart of Family and Friends.

Being faraway from kl and busy with various activities back then in the campus just make me realize that I had missed so many things and really need to catch up.

Praying hard each and everyday. Trying to be the best daughter, sister as well as friend indeed and in need.
Allah, please..


terry bogart said...

yes, i reaching the Heart of Family and Friends but not to my work during internship..hu3

Amad, Anad said...

kakak kuat :)