Oct 18, 2010

After the Battle


Assalamualaikum and a very good day :)

Battle? I mean, the election battle. Alhamdulillah, the result was good and to be in the 1st ranking was a bonus to me. Thank you voters, thank you supporters, thank you family and friends.. thank you all! Quoted from Donald H. Mcgannon; "Leadership is action not position". I believe, the ranking doesn't matter but how you walk the talk matters the most. InsyaAllah. I'll try my very best.

Sorry all, I took quite sometimes before I have a chance to write and dedicate my deepest appreciation to all of you. Again, sorry and thank you so much:)

Regarding the election wave in our campus, I would say 27% percentage of vote is a very small number. It is obvious that voting awareness among UTP students are very low and sadly the percentage goes down year by year. More and more students fail to see the importance of selecting their leaders. They simply choose not to choose.
This unhealthy mind set needs to be recovered very soon as students are the future leaders of the nation.

If future leaders choose not to choose, then who will choose to lead? Think and act.

Later. Wslm.

Oct 8, 2010

The result of MPPUTP's Election 2010/11

The result of MPPUTP's Election 2010/11
Total Votes: 1453
Uncounted Votes: 112


1. Sara Lyana Badly Sham 
2. Hamzah Bin Nawawi 
3. Aidil Aznan
4. Nadia Hartini Suhaimi
5. Mohammad Khairulanam Azeman
6. Fitri Jamil
7. Rofans Beleam Hilisebua Manao

Thank you voters, thank you supporters, thank you friends..

Position comes with responsibilities.. I'll try my best. InsyaAllah :)