Mar 1, 2010


InFUD is everywhere! People are talking about it here and there, posters can be seen all over the campus and obviously a spreading disease in your messengers list (gtalk, YM and etc) where almost everybody have InFUD on their status! 


InFUD stands for INTERFAITH UNDERSTANDING DIALOGUE 2010. It is an initiative of all student bodies together with almost all registered clubs in UTP to achieve an objective of understanding. Religion, believe and faith are always claimed to be sensitive topics which will lead to misunderstandings and fights. This claim has causes these topics to be left and untouched in most open discussions in the country and specifically in UTP . 

Living in such a modern and educated environment, some universities had taken few steps ahead in organizing an open discussion on religion. 2010 shows that it is about time for  UTP to grab the challenge in organizing Interfaith Understanding Dialogue. The organizing committees believe that UTP students are well educated, open minded and able to think wisely. Having these characteristics, UTP students are extremely ready to face the Interfaith Understanding Dialogue. 

Are you ready? Don't be left behind. No entry fee, only for the sake of knowledge.


Date: 1st March 2010
Time: 8.00pm - 11.40pm
Venue: Chancellor Hall, UTP

Let's be united through understanding of other religions. 

It is not about comparing and choosing the best. 

Only a way in accepting similarities and respecting differences.

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