Feb 9, 2010

Be like a pencil

Salam and good morning..

It's a new day, a beautiful morning I can say. I woke up at 4.30am today and it was still dark and quite. Right now, I am watching the sunrise early in the morning. I can see the sunlight shines through the window and lighten up small part of my room. And when the morning breeze blows, it simply makes up a perfect and peaceful morning. Praise Allah for giving me another chance to do what I haven't done, to correct mistakes, to apologize to many, to fulfill hopes, to love people around me...Well, too many things, too little time.. I thank you Allah for every breath I take.

As I had promised before, I like to share something quoted from Puan Juniwati; PETRONAS VP of education.

Be just like a pencil.....

A pencil can't write by itself. It needs to be guided by somebody. Same goes to us, we need to be led and inspired. Source of inspiration may comes from Allah, family, national leader or others.
          I said : I would say Allah, family and friends are my source of inspiration!

A pencil needs to be sharpened from time to time as to ensure optimum efficiency. As human, we have to polish our skills and keep improving. We will feel pain in our way to improve just like the sharpening process causes pain to the pencil.  
         I said : Agree.We might fall at certain point in life, but get back on feet and keep walking.

A pencil has an eraser at the top end. We have chances in life. We can erase mistakes and correct them. 
         I said : Grab chances while we can.

The outer part of the pencil is hard while the inner part is very soft(carbon lead). Everything starts from the heart. The intention must be right.
         I said : Yes, good things start with good intention.

Pencil leaves marks. Every step taken will have its own effect. Think wisely before making decision, it may result in a positive or negative impact.
         I said : Every steps count!

Can a pencil inspire you? Well, it did inspire me ;)

It's time for lab.. tata.

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