Feb 8, 2010

A Dinner with PETRONAS Vice President of Education

Salam and greetings..

Yes, it has been quite a while after the last post. Well, life has becoming more hectic since the lecture weeks have started and SRCUTP had so many events in a row for the previous two weeks. Not to forget the late night meetings, sudden tasks, reports, ETP meetings and assignments which really mountain up the stress and knocked me down to fell sick at the same time. But Alhamdulillah, Allah kept me strong all the way through and it was a good lesson for me to appreciate time and good health.

Ok, back to the topic. A dinner with PETRONAS Vice President of Education; Puan Juniwati Rahmat Hussin. The dinner was held on 6th February 2010 at Undercorft, CH. This dinner was the second event she had in Tronoh for 2010 after conducting a community service program organized by PETRONITA in Kg. Bali on 5th February which was also joined by SRCUTP. Surprisingly, SRCUTP and ISCUTP were invited to the dinner and had a chance to have a close session with her during the dinner.

During the dinner, she delivered a speech where she shared her wide experience while working in PETRONAS more than 20++ years.What I can say, she is a great leader, chemical engineer, business woman, sportswoman, loyal wife and loving mother. She is a great person who presents herself in such humble and graceful manner.

At the end of the speech, she opened the floor for Q&A session. Both SRCUTP and ISC did not fail to grab the opportunity to address issues related to PETRONAS scholarship and the university to the guest. Issues which were brought into discussion are;

1) Increment of scholarship 
2) Employment of Petronas scholars by PETRONAS
3) PETRONAS marriage policy
4) Financial problem for new intake due to no sponsor from PETRONAS
5) CM
6) Internship and Exchange students program
7) International students related issues
8) Pay back amount upon graduation
9) Recognition of UTP - UTP in world ranking

These are some of the issues which I'm sure that there were actually more which I can't remember. We had both positive ad negative responses towards the issues. But we were satisfied that at least we were heard. We had given our reports on the issues and she will decide whether further discussion is needed. Hopefully she would consider our proposal to further discuss on certain issues.

I guess, that is all about now. Puan Junita did tell us a nice sharing. But, maybe I'll share it in the next post. This post seems had gone a bit serious ;)

p/s: tonight is the kick-off night of Rakan Exco which newly join us on board.

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