Feb 13, 2010

Travel two weeks back

Alhamdulillah. Being at home has always lighten me up ;)

It was such a released to be able to be at home after almost one and a half month of hard work in UTP. Alhamdulillah.

Time has always been very jealous of me in the past few weeks which restricted me from updating on the 'hard work' I mentioned before. Well, Mr.Time seems to be a bit generous tonight. So, let's recall what had happened in the previous episode of the drama entitled 'UTP, SRC and Sara Lyana.'

  • 1st-3rd February - We had Minggu Mesra Kampus. SRCUTP and Martial Arts Festival collabrated to organized MMK successfully and came out with A Martial Arts Night for the first time during MMK.
  • 4-5th February - Rakan Exco Recruitment Drive. It was great and glad to have our new rakan exco with us now. Good Job CnS(don't miss CnS 1st meeting..hehe)
  • 6th February - Dinner with VP of Education PETRONAS
  • 7th February - Rakan Exco Kick-Off night. (Syed and I wore purple that night. My rakan exco should too but they forgot..hmm)
  • 8th February - SRC Weekly Meeting.
  • 9th February - Session with Class Representatives. An informative session with both good feedback and critics thrown to us. Those who came were really outspoken and helpful. If only everyone dare to come and share their thought with us rather than expressing the unsatisfied feeling to the wrong channel. SRC will keep improving and we can do that even more effecient by having all of you with us. That is what we meant by 'Pursuing Togetherness'.
  • 10th February - Welcoming Session for International Students of Jan10 intake by Culture and Society Exco. Syed (my exco 1) and I conducted a slot to welcome our international friends on behalf of SRCUTP. We gave them an overview of life in UTP and pointed out few steps they should consider as the starting moves to make friends and mingle around.
  • 11th February - Urgent Titian Budi Meeting as preparation to meet Ketua Menteri Melaka on the next day. They looked stressful. Yet, I can only say all the best and I'll pray for the very best. You all had work very hard so far. Thus, just leave the rest to Allah.
  • 12th February - Chinese New Year break. Gong Xi Fat Cai and Happy Holiday. Optimize your time with your family.

That's all for now. Mr.Time says it's time to sleep. Good night.

saat malam semakin sunyi, ku mohon keampunanMu atas kelalaian diakibat urusan dunia..moga setiap pekerjaan mendapat redhaMu..ya Rabb.

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