May 28, 2010

Two Different Path


Somehow it turns out that my writing mood flies back this morning :)
One more paper before reaching the end of January 2010 semester. Hope to have it nicely done on this Monday.. InsyaAllah. So many had passed in such a quick time and we might not be aware that each step taken actually cause a change to world in some way.   

Going through various online news every single day makes me wonder and at the same time worry on the world we are living in today. You see, we are walking on the same planet earth but we are living a world of our own. 

At some parts of the world....

The biggest attempt by international aid groups to break the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip has gotten underway.

Nine ships under the banner, Freedom Flotilla, began their journey to Gaza on Saturday, despite warnings from Israel that they will be stopped for “breaching Israeli law”. The vessels are carrying 5,000 tonnes of reconstruction materials, school supplies and medical equipment. 

The biggest of the nine ships set off from Istanbul, Turkey, heading to the south western city of Antalya where two other Turkish ships will be waiting to join the convoy. 

The three ships will then travel to the waters off Athens and Crete to rendezvous with the other six, before making the four-day journey to Gaza. (more)

JAKARTA, May 27 — In a bid to implement Islamic law to the letter, Indonesia’s West Aceh district yesterday started giving away long, loose skirts to cover up Acehnese women caught wearing tight jeans.

The westernmost province of Aceh on Sumatra is the sole upholder of sharia law in the predominantly Muslim, but secular Indonesia. The previous local parliament passed a controversial law in September allowing adulterers to be stoned to death. (more)

“Wearing hijab for Muslims could not be dealt with as wearing a necklace with a cross pendant for Christians,” he said.

He indicated that the sentiments against niqab or hijab were a reflection of a desire by European countries to impose their culture on others.

“I have received a recent visit by French ambassador Gilles Bonnaud and I explained these things to him. I told him that Muslims believed in the unity of humanity but also believed that each nation should stick to its traits,” he added.

“When Muslims ruled India, they did not close down temples or impose a ban on cremation. It is the duty of each nation to respect the values of the other, but with the European case, we can make it difficult for French and Belgian women who stay in Muslim countries by asking them to stick to a modest dress,” he quoted from the conversation he had with the French ambassador to Qatar. (more)

And the other parts...

A new Miss USA was crowned last night, the first American Muslim woman believed to have held the title in a pageant of beauty that has caused some divided loyalties in the Islamic community.

Rima Fakih, 24, took the prize ahead of 50 other finalists at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. She moved to the US as an infant, first to New York and then in 2003 to Dearborn, Michigan, where she now lives. (more)

The Government has gone ahead to legalize sports gambling despite protest coming from various sectors. It has been reported that Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak issued a football betting license to the Berjaya Group and it is also apt what with the FIFA World Cup which will commence in South Africa for a month, starting from June 11. Berjaya, which is owned by Tan Sri Vincent Tan, had earlier sought licensing from the Government to operate sports gambling operation however it was rejected by former Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Now, Berjaya has become the one and only football gambling company in the country. (more)

There are a lot more happening all over the world concerning Islam. These are only fews. The difference is very obvious. Some choose to stand for Islam.. firm in their beliefs yet some choose to put Islam aside.. find it no longer applicable in this modern era. 

Imagine you are travelling in a car with a friend. Both with the same destination which offers two different ways go get there. One with a massive traffic jam and the other a smooth journey all the way. You have all it takes to make your way there.; map and even GPS. You need to make a good judgement but at the end of the day only one road can be taken. How is it possible for a car to travel in two ways at the same time right?

We are not only walking on the same planet earth just like I said earlier but we are also wearing the same batch as a Muslim. We share the same planet, we share the same religion and that simply makes us share the same responsibility. The responsibility to put Islam at its right position. We have Al-Quran and Sunnah as our guidance. To lead us to the correct way. But it seems like we are taking two different path. It would be better if we have the understanding and decide to travel on the same path, isn't it?

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sakinah_rahain said...

too many things happened for this upcoming world cup
1)'legalized gambling??'
2)our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) cartoon in south africa newspaper (south africa is the main venue 4 world cup)
sometimes, i wonder, do the 5S that ppl alwez say are really true?? (5S=sports, sex, smoke, spirit n song)