May 11, 2010

Mr.Policeman, use your gun wisely!

Despite of the preparation for final exam and internship program, I was called to write on this particular issue involving police officers and how they use their gun.

hmm.. first, it was Arwah Aminulrasyid (more: Khalid Samad & Art-Harun) and now Mohd Azizi Aziz. (more: TheStar)

The two cases were quite similar. Both cases involved teenagers and both happened on the road. One with a car and the other with a motorcycle. The different is Mohd Azizi was very fortunate to live on to tell the tale while Arwah Aminulrasyid had to keep his tale hidden.

But, the question here is.. Again? I mean, right after such a havoc created by Arwah Aminurasyid case which was shot dead by a policeman? Don't police officers take home some lessons learnt?

This is Malaysia we are living in. Not a country where you can simply  use your gun to shoot anyone who seems suspicious and "suspected" to cause harm to the public. Is there actually a necessity to shoot someone who is only a suspect? again, only a suspect...

The Home Ministry and the police department came out with an official "cover up" statement regarding this matter and did openly apologize to the victim's family. Yet, we are talking about lost of lives here. We can simply say it was a mistake or it was an accident. But, what if it is one of our family members or maybe ourself? Nauzubillah ..

Can mistake be a solid reason then?

Everybody should learn something. Government, Police, You and Me. Laws pertaining to firearms should be given serious attention and be tighten.

Please, no more shooting unnecessarily Mr.Policeman.


terry bogart said...


sokog ur idea..sedih gak kalau jadi ahli keluarga mereka yg terlibat

cuma..kalau pndang dari sudut yg satu lg..sebagai anggota polis..

someone run from u.. it maybe someone yg suspicious n berbahaya..

tapi..saya xnak kena tembak!!...

so...policeman jangan arr shoot someone who is only a suspect..

Sara Lyana said...


sye pon xnak kena tembak..

once can be considered as a mistake.. but twice put a question in our mind la sye rase.

cam mane polis senang2 je kuarkan pistol (xkesah lg) dan lepaskan tembakan.. Sperti tiada penekanan dr pihak atasan..Kalu ade pon, dipandang ringan..

ade lg kes polis kuarkan pistol di tempat awam sye bace smlm.. tp choose not to highlight. People can read up in newspaper. Nanti org ingt sye suke sgt cite polis n pistol..

btw, thanks for reading n ur comment :)

zAcK said...

tembak gune pistol air xleh??? hehe

Fareast Al Muhandisu said...

GSCO, kind of operating procedure for police to shoot... actually mmg tindakan aminulrasyid based on that procedure bleh ditembak pun.. tp it's too cruel for malaysians.. for american ok la kot.. perlu diperhalusi lg.. dia juz budak umur 15 tahun yg x faham pape.. yg dia tahu, dia takut n nak lari.. tu je..

Sara Lyana said...

selamat dtg mr.faris :)

yup2.. just like I said, this is Malaysia we are living in..