Apr 14, 2010

Today is our big day.


Yes, today is our big day. Whose big day? All 3rd Year 1st Semester students. Finally, after all the effort, time and money spent, our babies are ready to be presented and evaluated. Yup2, not real baby actually. Baby = our product/project/prototype (what ever you call it.. it means the same).. hehe..

Just like a mother who spent 9 month of her time carrying her baby everywhere, where all the attention are given to the pregnancy and when it is about time to deliver.. no one would be able to describe a mother's feeling. Unless you are a mother. ;)

I guess that most of us feel the same way I did. Anxious, nervous, eager, excited, happy.. all at the same time.

bersungguh-sungguh kan die? 

All the best Enginnering Team Project (ETP) 21!

All the best Jan07, 3rd Year 1st Semester students.

A great formula to success.

Success = Effort + Prayer + Tawakal


author's note: Hope i'll be recovered soon. A healthy body is what i need on this very important day.. i really don't want to spoil others ;)

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