Apr 19, 2010

SRCUTP is Going Green!

The planet Earth we are living in today is getting hotter by the day. The average temperature is increasing extremely higher than the usual days in few years back. It is undeniable that this climate change gives such big impact in our daily life.

While most people would blame it on the El Nino effect, the fact is most of the problems are the result of our own activities.

Feeling the urge to spread the awareness regarding this issue throughout the campus community, SRCUTP proudly introduce a new event with the aim to shape a loving-environment society in the campus which contributes to a greener, healthier and lifelong planet.

National Green Convention 2010 is an initiative of Students Representative Council 2009/10 of UTP to support the world’s concern on green initiatives and to inculcate the awareness on world’s environmental movement among UTP students. 

Targeted to impose such great impact, this event covers various aspects in promoting green such as education, science, technology and entertainment. A lot of activities will be conducted such as green campaign, green technology exhibition, conference, concert and many more. 

SRCUTP invites you to be part of our team to spread the green waves all over the campus! 

Come and Join Us

p/s: This article is yet to be posted on UTPress.net but UTPress.net is currently facing with a technical problem and still in construction. Hope, this would help to spread the info.

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